Louisville purge

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If you have had thoughts of getting something for yourself better to do it now while stocks are still available. RARE ENLISTED MANS TENO DAGGER: We are pleased to be able now to offer to our dagger collection a Teno enlisted mans Hewer.This piece is beautifully reproduced to exacting detail; Originals are very pricey and usually pretty beat up!

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What ever stocks we have left once sold will be pulled and we will no longer offer them as well.

And will be adding more designs as things progress!

and come in Carbon Steel Sharpened Blade, with the Special Double Spring Clip Sheath, Knife has wood handle, with flush Brass Rivets.

This is by far the best one of the best offering of a unique addition to our Consider this you can no longer buy a Original chain and Swastika middle band for what we are asking for the entire dagger.

The price for an Original Himmler presentation chain dagger is staggering; realistically for the average guy this is as close as you will ever hope to come to owning such a piece.

We need not say that these daggers are far beyond the cost of the average collector going for thousands and thousands of dollars, So at a fraction of the price, SS HIGH LEADERS DAMASCUS DRESS DAGGER: It has been decades now since there has been any affordable HIGH LEADERS DAGGERS available!

The SS HIGH LEADERS DAGGERS has a beautiful Damascus Blade with Gold SS MOTTO LOGO on the front and Gold maker logo on the back, Black Leather wrapped Sheath, beautiful Silver Oak Leaf relief Cross Guard and Sheath fittings.

The high quality Steel blade has the correct SS LOGO, with the reverse of the blade “BOKER” Maker marked, A great addition to any collection SS DAGGER CASE: No need to keep the priceless dagger laying around getting further beat up, for the best protection nothing beats a fitted dagger case, and now we have added a beautiful case for the SS DAGGER: Heavy Black Leatherette construction with double hinge catch, Opens up to a Green Velvet cloth covering with a detailed cut out to fit the SS Dagger and its Sheath once closed to hold it securely for the best protection possible.

Top of the inside lid finds a beautiful Machine Embroidered double Runes inside a circle best way to preserve and transport your daggers, We are fortunate to offer the Rare SS-Chained Officers Dagger at an exceptional affordable price, don't be mislead, this is not a cheap zinc alloy dagger which is currently offered on auctions sites, and other low price companies.

With several more in the worksthese are really nicely done against originals we have and where possible original wartimehardware is used.

One on RIGHT is in BLACK LEATHER is .00, and One on LEFT is in BROWN LEATHER is .00, If you think these prices are high, just check the next time and see what a Empty Suit Dealer is asking We again are able to offer the 1Model SS Dagger 1933 Dagger.

Our parts dagger is highly detailed in every aspect!

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