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Opening the Run box is a key strategy of the scam, designed to show you “errors” which are items found in the Security view log in Event Viewer, a component of Windows.As I was unable to open Run and enter the command, I was passed onto “Jonathan”…As you can hear in the recording above from my You Tube page, the “expert” I was handed over to basically continues the script with a little more authority, the initial caller’s pleasant voice no doubt intended to “soften up” the victims. Whether we’re scammed or successfully spot this nonsense before it goes too far, anyone subjected to it is a victim of attempted fraud.

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This scam is designed to be used on Windows computers only, and as you may well know, Linux security issues and viruses are rare.These scammers tend to focus on an area code, so if you’ve been targeted the chances are other people in the area will be too.Note, however, that many variations of this scam exist, including one in which YOU make the phonecall to a scammer posing as a professional You’re sitting at home, minding your own business. You pick up, and it’s Microsoft (or Norton, or Dell, or …).Because the call itself is incredulous, it suggests, through the script that the cold calling scammers stick to very closely, that Microsoft can detect whether or not your compute has an “infection”. This isn’t a call about viruses, as your computer’s anti-virus software can handle those.No, this is all about “infections”, some loose reference to malware. Now, I just happened to be rolling three computers on the day of the call.Jul 06, 2009 What is the value of a Cabbage Patch Doll from 1984. Cabbage Patch Kids; Type: Dolls: Inventor: than the United States hold a higher value in the eye of some 1984. This page is always a work in progress : There are many types of Cabbage Patch Kids.

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Eventually, after the Run box fails to open (remember, I was using Linux Mint) “Jonathan” asks me to visit a website, support24.6

For obvious reasons we’re not linking to it, but if we check the Who Is result, it would seem that the website is hosted as a subdomain of an ISP or other free web host.

Inspection of the webpage reveals an unsophisticated single HTML file with embedded CSS.

Not exactly a professional outfit; rather the classic signs of a scam.

Specifically, it’s a support engineer, and he’s concerned – concerned for...

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