Sql server trigger if updating

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If resample is not specified the default sample rate calculations are used.NOTE: only statistics considered stale will be updated by the sproc.

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This allows granular control over the sample rate and the statistic will be updated whether SQL considers it to be stale or not.

You can NOT enable automatic updating for individual statistics if this is disabled at the database level.

will cause the updates to use the last sample rate for each statistic.

A statistic object is automatically created for every index on a table, and if the auto_create_statistics database option is set then the optimiser will create a statistic object for every column in a query predicate.

A statistics object can also be created with the CREATE STATISTICS ddl.

I’ve been looking into the behaviour of statistics in SQL Server 2008 – so I’d like to present an overview from a DBA perspective. Statistics are a database scoped object that are used by the query optimiser in creating query plans.

They describe the distribution of values in a column or columns and help the optimiser choose indexes to use.MS SQL Server stores the information about the objects (tables, views, functions, etc) stored in the database in a table, which is accessible by selecting from the sysobjects view (sql2000) or the sys.objects and sys.sysobjects views (sql2005, sql2008).The type of object is given by the columns xtype or type, depending on the view.Overriding automatic behaviour: Statistics are always automatically created for indexes.It is possible to suppress the creation of the additional column statistics that the optimiser creates on predicate fields at the database scope.SQL server keeps track of modifications at a column level using the undocumented internal table sys.sysrscols and this is used to determine whether the statistic is out of date.