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If you go with Trilostane it will almost certainly raise some of the intermediate hormones, and if Peps are already elevated this could make his symptoms worse.

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For example, my Harley has both Pit Cushing's & is Atypical.Which medication is better is a very hard question to answer here!I think there isn't a "better" drug, some dogs tolerate one drug or the other better than others.This time with his blood work coming back with high Alkaline Phosphatase (228), high cholesterol (379), high triglycerides (1177),and high Protein and Microalbuminuria, and he has an enlarged liver. His results were baseline=251 H, Cortisol low dose dex 6h=70 H, and Cortisole low dose dex 8H 145 H.I then had a different vet do an ultrasound (my ved doesn't have one) and the ldds test. I asked the vets office 2 times if he should fast and both times they told me no. Based on this the vet said he had cushings pituitary and I should give him Trilosane at 30 mg.Vets usually perform a urine protein an creatinine ratio to determine the loss of protein in the urine and if there is kidney damage.

Another test that is very wise to perform before you start treatment for cushing's is a complete adrenal panel. So this former temporary home is closed to new posts.It will remain viewable, however, until the transition to the new forum at is complete.When it comes to the full adrenal panel, UTK is the only lab in the US, if not the world that is doing this panel.All of the tests are part of the panel, so you would be charged for a panel, not each individual test.Should I be bringing the list to my vet and asking they run these and do they have to send this to U of T or can they send this to a different lab? I am feeling very stupid and confused Teresa Hi Teresa and Pep, Welcome!

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    The challenging Chinese market and high operational costs led to the decision of closing the service.

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