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The drive from Miami to Homestead is a gauntlet of checkpoints, instituted todiscourage looters and allow only residents and media officials to get through.Fong'sfumil) has also began rebuilding their home and their lives.

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Phoi e lines were down, and he could - dy get news indirectly, through othe friends who li mi outside me devasta ■darea. Although his family ha gotten awav suielv and stayed with .

people like Phillip Fong are rebuilding their homes and their lives.

"I appreciate God now than any other time in my life," he said.

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I Senior Pictures will be held I Sunday, September 13 & 20 at 1 9am - 7pm and Monday, Sep- tember 14 from 8am-7pm. Iweavedmyway through, disguising myself as the press, and passed through the tight security, only to be given a color- coded name tag. " Jun- Luenda Corkum walks into the new school year in a unique way le ana u was utterly foolish! Becauseofimportanceofthetime and the impact we can have upon it, I, in my editorial musings, have tried to put a finger on the shape of the decade — indeed to put it into one simple word. Responsibility really isn't as aw- ful as it sounds.

Ten days after Hurricane Andrew, which also struck southern Louisiana, the relief effort is work- ing at a feverish pace, and life in southern Florida shows little chance of getting back to normal soon.

Profi- teers and scalpers are selling basic like ice for up to five times the regular price.

I asked Junior John Negly what hethoughtofthecrowd. In his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, Albert Gore, Jr. "In the end, this election isn't about politics,"he said. But within this community we hold very important responsibilities toward each other — responsibilities that sim- ply cannot be ignored. SOUTHER , THER f A Editor James Dittes Assistant Editor Angie Coffey Politics Editor: Alex Bryan Ad Manager: Calvin Siummons Religion Editor: Curtis Forrester Copy Editor: Melissa Shook Sports Editor: Eric Johnson Typists: April Nicholson Lifestyle Editor: Beth Mills Jeannie Sanpakit Photography Editor Rick Mann Photographer Sean Pitman The Southern Accent, the official newspaper of the Southern College Student Association, is published twice a month and is released every other Thursday with the exception of vacations.

A great beginning to a Joker on the way fly James Dittes The copy is in; the pictures are matched with the names; and the 1992-1993 Joker is at the presses, looking forward to release on Sep- tember 16.

The relief effort at the center was part of acoordinated relief effort overseen by the North American Di- vision of Seventh-day Adventists.

The work included unloading relief suppl ies, cataloguing the suppl ies and reloading for eventual shipment to the Community Services relief head- quarters, located in the parking lot and gymnasium of the Ft. "The logistics of something like this is incredible," said Gail Wil- liams, Executive Director of the Com- munity Services Center. They have been pleasant, charming and willing to do anything." The relief effort collected a variety of different materials to be shipped to Southern Florida.

"My whole family is down there," said Fong just after the disas- ter.