Who is lucy hale dating in real life 2016

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Who is lucy hale dating in real life 2016

"Beforehand, I didn't understand how he got so huge so fast.

He’s more of a man than Caleb was and she likes that. People are rooting for us to date, but it will never happen," she tells 's June issue. " PHOTOS: Undercover lovers Still, Hale admits she doesn't have everything figured out when it comes to relationships.And I have to think to myself, ' Just chill out. His whole story is fascinating to me," she tells the teen mag.First of all, it's been known for a while now that Troian Bellisario is engaged to Patrick J. But what about the actor who plays the beloved Toby Cavanaugh on PLL? Is he in love with anyone just like Toby is with Spencer?Well, not to be the bearer of continuous bad news (you know, for those who want to date him), but it appears the 26-year-old might be dating a famous singer's sister.(Update: Allen reached out to Bustle and confirmed that is not Chuck Grant in the photo, and that it was meant to be "just an ethereal post and an ambiguous photo.")Say what?! Well, it seems Allen is dating Chuck Grant, aka Lana Del Rey's sister.There’s a little bit of friction there, but Liam is a very smart, put-together guy, and I want to believe Aria is very in love with him.

Troian Bellisario: Spencer and Caleb were always incredibly close because they think alike and have a huge love for Hanna Banana.

But after seeing the movie, I was crying and singing his songs.

Pretty Little Liars wrapped up its sixth season on Aug.

Pieterse: The way Marlene has described it is that there will always be a very special relationship between Ali and Emily …

They will always have some sort of flame there and some love for each other.

Hale: He actually reminds me a lot of Ezra, so clearly Aria has a type — physically and mentally.