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Tonesdating com

It was then that three neighbouring children from a quiet working-class Dublin suburb, Inchicore, brothers Brian and Derek and a pal Noel Nagle started playing round the fleadhs of Ireland more for fun than anything else.

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Most young people flocked to the ballrooms to see and hear the new and exciting sounds of these young muscians and singers.A few of them gathered around us as we sang and after a dozen tunes a fella with an American accent came up and asked us if we knew some song or other.We knew it - and played it for him.""Afterwards he told us that he was a television producer for a Canadian service and he asked to meet us again the next day.It was in honour of the 18th Century Irish Nationalist leader who was condemned to death by the occupying British forces but cheated the hangman the night before he was to be executed by cutting his own throat.The name and the symbol it evokes in Irish history and republicanism, has inspired them since.The lads were really there for the beer although they did play and sing, but only for their own amusement.

Warfield recalls what happened next: "I remember arriving in Killarney fairly late at night and looking around for somewhere to bed down.

Now we have every blogger & journalist talking about their AR engaged i Phone, DSi, PSP or smart mobile as if they have discovered some advanced alien technology.

But is it really is a game changer, a new playground for storytellers?

The showband scene was ushering in a new sound - a new era.

Against all of this, the ballad singers who recalled Irish history or social ills were something of a sideshow - almost a curiosity.

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