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Their profile pictures are surprisingly provocative—low cut shirts, exposed shoulders, skin-tight pants, pouty lips.

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With that not-so-sexy image un-doubtedly in mind, my date backed off. Back then, I was engaged, but my fiancé didn't agree with the notion of women leading the church, so I broke up with him and packed for seminary.

And although the doughnuts provided a brief distraction from my sexual cravings, I gained 15 pounds. One congregant pitched her bachelor son, a drug addict who recently served time for dealing meth. At the end of the day, I'm just a normal 20-something who watches Glee and loves photography. For so long I've viewed my career as a hindrance, but really, it is a fast, fabulous filter to weed out the jerks. I can hold out for someone — of any religion — strong enough to love all of me, both the pastor and the woman.

Finally, I got on medication, and it helped me manage my sex drive. Now, when I feel normal sexual urges, I deal with it by going for a run.

Auditorium, Event Venue, Conference hall, Performance venue The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, independent, 501(c)(3) organization, established to create and promote cooperation and affiliation within the Iranian and Muslim Community along with people of all races and religions.

After entering my email address, zip code, and height, I’m asked, “What is your body type? This paradox is one of several that causes me to wonder if increasingly popular Christian dating websites undermine the faith-values of their users.

As usual, the Christian sub-culture is a step behind and not an inch deeper—from music to books to fashion trends, and now online dating.

Christian dating sites are quick to invoke spiritual and even Biblical references in an effort to capture new users, but these marketing ploys are often taken so far out of their original context that they have been emptied of almost any meaning.

At the end of the night, my date and I sat in the darkness of his car, flirting.

He was cute, with thoughtful eyes and a full mouth. He had no qualms about parked-car makeout sessions.

To complicate matters more, even though I've had sex in the past, I vowed to abstain from sex before marriage.

Since I'm so committed to my career, this decision isn't that difficult for me.

When I discovered the site, I tweeted about it and received the following reply from Barnabas Piper, son of reformed paragon John Piper: His response seems to echo my feeling that these sites and the Christians who engage in them might not be thinking as deeply as one might assume.