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I made a point to hang out longer at work events, comment on people’s reading choices on the train and engage more with my neighbors.

It’s impossible to meet new people if you don’t try new things.

The group collectively murmured, “Noooooo,” anytime the story began to take a turn. To break the tension at the end of every story, one of the guests would say, “And he’s here tonight. ” Brooklyn began to feel like home again that night. Large social gatherings where I didn’t know many guests used to give me the cold sweats.

It’s tricky to insert yourself into conversations (those excruciating minutes smiling at the edge of the circle!

' asked one.'This is starting to look like Babe Station!

' joked another.'That was a bit much,' added a third, while a fourth viewer chimed in: 'The people of Cambridge probably didn't know where to look...'Others, however, joked Adrian was just lending a helping hand, with one quipping: 'I'd gladly be chivalrous if a lady asked me to apply suntan lotion to prevent a sunburn.'Courtney is searching for love following her split from much older husband, actor Doug Hutchison, 57.

Maybe the exchange will be just the run-of-the-mill, awkward small-talk, maybe I’ll meet someone who also has a celebrity crush on Michael Shannon and maybe, just maybe, there could be a long-term connection there.

I had to give it a shot — and bribe myself with 90’s sitcom reruns when I got home. You can have friendly experiences throughout your day without putting pressure on yourself to meet a soulmate immediately.

However, it wasn't to be and the couple split for good in 2016.

In an interview with People in February, Courtney said of the union: 'I don’t really like having regrets.

That was all we needed to hear.) Our lease ended a few months ago. I had to stop this self-fulfilling prophecy and force myself to walk up to people and say something — anything!

But long days came where I just wanted grab a beer with a pal.

It finally hit me that no one is ever done making friends.