Dating a japanese fender stratocaster

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Dating a japanese fender stratocaster

Basically, we did all the things we could think of to make a proud guitar owner wince.Then, when we came to our senses, we checked to see how each fixed assembly would fit with the guitars in their cases.

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All they required was inserting the mounting screw (identical to the Gibson’s) and tightening the strap pin, then screwing a fastener to the inside of the strap holes.Schaller sells pins separately, so you can deck out all your guitars and just use your favorite strap for all your guitar changes.They’re available in chrome, gold, satin and ruthenium.STRAP LOCK SYSTEMS Schaller Security Locks The pioneer in the strap locks, Schaller has been producing Security Locks for 30 years, and they’re featured on select Fender Custom Shop models.The Schaller Security Locks are the smallest in this roundup, but their size doesn’t diminish their ability to stand up to the competition.Actually, the lack of mass may be a benefit compared to other, clunkier locks.

The screws in the package were smaller than standard Gibson screws, which could present a problem.Pairs come in silver, purple, red, gunmetal, blue and black.List –41 Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok System Dunlop has been producing these since 1988, and they’re OEM products on several brands of guitars and basses.We lifted the guitars by their straps, shook them, yanked on them, and even tried a few strap-spins (we’re a little rusty).It was a lot like being 12 again, bouncing off the walls like there would be no price to pay, but this time we’re calling it research.Also, if the lock assembly isn’t fastened 100% snug on the strap, or your strap is very worn, it could easily slide through a large or loose eyehole.

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