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The Fly is unique among electric guitars in the way it uses composite materials. It was also one of the first electric guitars to combine traditional magnetic pickups with piezoelectric pickups, allowing the guitarist to access both acoustic and electric tones.

It also gives the added benefit of allowing a smaller, more efficient body.the newer one that is a 2 piece bolted together unit. This affects the playability of the guitar adversely and also reduces the value of the guitar greatly. This cost cutting move was especially dastardly, because it's impossible to visually tell the difference: The wood is painted opaque on most of the models.(I offer a conversion back to original; on this call for details) 1995 -- PRS changed the wood on their Classic Electric CE model from Alder to Mahogany. I would classify this change as downright dishonesty and fraud.Still, you have to remember Gibson uses Mother of Toilet Seat, which is nothing more than plastic.1995 -- PRS changed the tremolo system dramatically.This tailpiece is made from white metal with absolutely NO saddle adjustment (not recommended.) The ones used previously were the excellent quality Gibson style Nashville 2 piece system with fully adjustable saddles.

I really hate the new PRS Stop Tail Piece 1995 -- PRS stopped using the mother of pearl inlay in favor of an artificial laminate known as Abalam.

I don't think they throw the preprinted plates away just because the year changes.

I am not sure of this but I do remember getting 1992 guitars delivered in 1993 etc. 1991 -- PRS stopped offering Brazilian rosewood fingerboards.

Also when you produce huge amounts of guitars there are other problems with wood for example.

A small company can go and handpick their wood but a large company has to literally buy wood by the ton and hope for the best.

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