Aniston dating jennifer keanu reeve

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"I remember being on the ninth floor where Lorne Michaels' office was, and seeing Jen come in. Initially, he passed on his role in 1997's "Men in Black" -- until Jada Pinkett Smith talked some sense into him.

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Claire Danes won her star role by being "awkward" Claire Danes was so, so perfect as Angela Chase in "My So-Called Life." But Alicia Silverstone came very close to being given the role.Reports also stated that police found two rolled up dollar bills that contained a white, powdery substance and two bottles of prescription drugs, a muscle relaxant and an anticonvulsant. RELATED: Sandra Bullock is a Super Mom to Her 5-Year-Old Son Louis "She was smiling and acted very bubbly.On April 1, 2001, Syme attended a party at musician Marilyn Manson's home.After being driven home by another party guest shortly before dawn, she left her home, reportedly to return to the party.Michelle Pfeiffer apparently turned down the role because she wasn't feeling the "tone of the script." The Frisky: 10 celebrity moms who love breastfeeding 9. Apparently, the makers of "The Sopranos" were originally gunning for Ray Liotta for the role.

Syme was born in Pico Rivera, California, where she lived for the first eighteen years of her life.The thief has yet to be cast, but the Hollywood Reporter has reported that Ben Kingsley will play the rich man.Bo Welch ("The Cat in the Hat") will direct when shooting starts later this year. Aniston, Leonardo Di Caprio, Meg Ryan, Kevin Costner and Barbra Streisand were among the celebrities who attended a John Kerry fund-raiser in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.Shooting will begin in May with George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh producing and Richard Linklater ("School of Rock") directing from his own draft of the script. Julia Stiles just finished filming her part for "The Bourne Supremacy," a sequel to "The Bourne Identity," and she's revealed some plot details."Joan Allen is heading the CIA operation to find Jason Bourne," Stiles said.Producer Marshall Herskovitz explains, "We had someone looking for us in New York and she said, 'There are two people you should see.