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I think the point is "Where would we be trading and what would our P/E ratio be if the company took heed of some of these naughty citations? 1) Investor Relations, Sanjay, and Ernie shouldn't think of everything as a secret. Clearly, many of the constituencies cited above know intimate details of what is happening with these two technologies; yet the shareholders know nothing and no regular updates are provided.If our suppliers, competitors, customers, academic researchers, equipment vendors, and knowledgeable alumnae know it, why not tell shareholders about it? When our partner Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) puts out a press release on the unveiling of a spruced up jointly-owned fab for Quantx/Optane, and the governor attends, and Micron says nothing, what are the shareholders to think?

However, they create so many bubbles from laughing that it causes Squidward's house to explode.If it's good enough for the governor to know about and our partner to ballyhoo the event, it's good enough for Micron to brief its shareholders.2) A second theme I see on both the naughty and nice side is the near financial illiteracy of Micron's board of directors.I'm modeling NAND prices down 30% this year and still seeing EPS north of ." (William Tidwell) "China’s Tsinghua group tries to steal MU for billion in the summer of ‘15." (Gilariverman) "Ernie at Micron SHOULD PRE-ANNOUNCE to help clear up the misinformation that's being spread around by those who have a strong interest in Micron's stock going down." (Fund Manager) "But what a signal it would send to the marketplace if they DID announce even a paltry dividend." (genlex) "Hiring Sanjay" (Mr Investor) "Industry discipline regarding no new fabs." (Mr Investor) "This SA community-EP, WT, SB, RSA, overbet, link, Elisha, semi P, kopta, et all . $ 1million." (ricciahn) Well clearly, the literati of SA have more naughty nominations than nice.Clearly, we are an ungrateful bunch with a stock that's zoomed from the twenties to near in one year. A Flea in Her Dome / The Donut of Shame / The Krusty Plate91.

20,000 Patties Under the Sea / The Battle of Bikini Bottom98. Squid's Visit / To Square Pants or Not to Square Pants117. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy / The Inside Job130. Launching a dilutive offering to buy back a straight debt instrument, rather than retiring one of the dilutive Ron Foster convertible tranches, which probably should never have been issued in the first place, is a prime example.The moans about launching a token dividend or continuing to pre-release earnings and provide regular product updates are other examples where the board just seems to be out of touch with the company's shareholder base.We'll see on the December 19th earnings call whether Sanjay and Ernie are truly naughty or nice. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

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