Server 2016 r2 dns not updating

22-May-2020 16:20 by 2 Comments

Server 2016 r2 dns not updating - Live nude web cam

I went through this process in my test environment.After reactivating my license server and updating the licensing mode in the deployment properties, my RD Licensing Diagnoser reported no issues.

However, Samba AD has some unimplemented features, such as Sysvol replication.

I verified that only 2 simultaneous interactive logon sessions would work. The roles installed properly, but I received an error when creating the session collection. This seemed odd to me, but upon checking Server Manager all seemed to be normal.

I then tested the number of simultaneous connections again. Maybe this is due to RDS licensing not being installed or configured?

Setting multiple DNS forwarder servers is supported in Samba 4.5 and later versions. Updates of the Active Directory DNS zones are transferred automatically to other AD DNS servers using directory replication.

Zone transfers to non-AD DNS servers is not supported.

Using the Password settings are validated and applied by the DC to not enable modified Windows or Unix clients to bypass the rules.

However, Samba does not support GPO restrictions and only serve GPOs to clients by the Sysvol share.

So is it possible to get around this or correct it? The bad news is that an upgrade to standard edition is required.

A walk-through of the upgrade process can be found here.

The questions listed here are frequently asked on the Samba mailing list. Samba is actively developed and new minor versions fix several bugs and major versions additionally include new features.

It is likely that the problem has been fixed in the meantime.

Removing or modifying any of the options can result in an incorrectly operating Samba AD DC!