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Both have started to bring in a stick or two, and they are beginning to build up the edge of the nest bowl again. Hopefully nest renovation will continue and this female will bond will our resident male.As we were hoping, other Sea-Eagles have passed by.

Several times today, both have been seen on nest 3 (the nest used last year).

A couple of different eagles have been observed on the river roost and in the forest area.

One is a younger bird and the other a little older.

She then brought it to the branch above the nest and ate it. Our new female "Lady" appears to have accepted our male, and is to his liking as well.

Both are bringing in leaves and sticks to build up nest 3 in the ironbark, the nest used last year. We have also observed them side by side on the usual river roost in the mangroves, or nearby.

Now there are two eggs, the eagles incubate almost constantly, with only brief breaks leaving the eggs uncovered. The male has brought several fish in this morning, which she has eaten on the nest or taken away. Already, we have seen the egg unattended overnight for some time. One or other of the eagles soared over several times - checking on what we were doing? The female brought in a massive branch, causing her to land with a crash. The male initially brought a large fish, still alive, to the nest tree.

The male is bringing in more and more leaves now, as well as the female, a possible sign of coming nest action. Both eagles continue to bring in sticks and leafy branches. Both then struggled to arrange the branch to their liking. He then took it off when we assume he passed it to his new mate.

Before that date, both had been seen in Burns Bay, along the river and in the nest area, but only the male since.

We feel the female had been showing signs of distress for some time and sadly has now disappeared.

Thank you to everyone for your interest and support of this project.

For the latest observations, click on ' Eagle Diary' below. We see the male and female swap incubating duty an average of 10 times during daylight hours.

A juvenile was photographed flying in the area as well.

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