Who is dean geyer dating

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Who is dean geyer dating

I must have had over 100 auditions during that time. Geyer: I sang “Cry Me a River” [by] Justin Timberlake and I sang “One Song Glory” from the musical “Rent.” I’m a rock singer so even a Broadway song for me was kind of a stretch.It was getting toward the end of pilot season and my work visa was actually about to run out so it came at a really great time for me. I was auditioning against guys that are really well known on the Broadway scene in New York. I think my time on “Australian Idol” really helped train my voice for a lot of genres.

I literally came out of high school thinking that I was going to do something in the sports world because I grew up with a very sports-oriented family.Even when I was doing guitar lessons, I never used to practice.Having singing lessons was something that I kind of steered away from.I got offered a year on [Australian soap] “Neighbours” following my public profile that I received from [“Australian Idol.”] It was an amazing offer for me because I’d never done it before, and for me being on the show for 12 months was the best training you can get.I mean you can go to acting classes and go to private lessons but I really believe that being on set is the main thing.Sometime later, this is when Dean supposedly pivoted to the world of acting. We can see how he got to third place in the fourth season of Australian Idol.

Just for fun, we are including a Dean Geyer poll for you to vote in that asks if you think if the man is gay, straight or bi.My last year of school I got involved with playing guitar and singing, and I joined a band and I just decided that year somehow that I was going to play music.I’ve never liked having like a set kind of schedule of training.With aqua blue eyes devilishly charming smile, this is one adorable entertainer people can’t seem to get enough of!And a quick note again on those eyes of his – they mesmerizing – meaning that when you look into those baby blues – they seem to pierce right through you. When it comes to Dean Geyer, it seems people want to know everything about jim.In this way, Dean is similar to other actors from “Down Under” that got their feet wet in Aussie soaps.

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