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whose heart fails when performing an underwater escape act.

With limited information, House uses some unorthodox methods to try to determine a diagnosis in time to save his patient's life.

And once he learns the truth, he and his team are left shellshocked when it's discovered that Amber Volakis, Wilson's girlfriend is the one who's dying.

As the team rushes to find the underlying cause of Amber's injuries, clues inside House's head may hold the key and House's friendship with Wilson is tested as memories from the bus accident the night before threatens their relationship.

Conor Dubin, Kay Lenz, Essence Atkins, Brian Klugman, Kathleen York, Azura Skye, Frank Whaley, Amy Dudgeon, Tom Wilson, Khleo Thomas, Michael Whaley, Steve Valentine, Jeremy Renner, Liana Liberato, Jennifer Hall, Janel Moloney, Jeff Hephner, Mira Sorvino, Laura Silverman, Eyal Podell, Paul Rae, Chad Morgan, Rob Benedict, Kristina Anapau, Jason Lewis, Fred Durst and Ivana Miličević. Without a team, House talks through his ideas with a janitor at Princeton-Plainsboro.

As House persists in diagnosing Megan by himself, he soon realizes the case is not what it appears to be and that solitude may not be the answer. Greta suffers from a neurological disorder, where she converts sounds to visual images.

Meanwhile, Foreman runs his own team at another hospital, and resorts to using a very "House-like" treatment to help a patient.

hallucinates she is being violently raped by one of the cadavers.

with spinal muscular atrophy who is slowly suffocating.

As the teams try to outdo the other, complications arise.

Unable to get Cate out or any additional medical supplies to the South Pole station, House and his team must resort to treating her via webcam.

Meanwhile House sends Taub, Kutner and Thirteen to harass Cameron until she gets cable for his office and he attempts to discover the identity of Wilson's new girlfriend.

Knowing NASA will reject any possibility of her becoming an astronaut if they knew of her problem, Greta begs House to treat her in secret.

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