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But the classes oppressed by capitalism need above all a political leadership, i.e., a mass militant socialist party which unites as many as possible of those actually playing a leading role in the struggle.

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That is the source of our problems and it has to be addressed up front.

On thing that is clearly implied but not openly stated is that we don’t think you can in any realistic way reform or control capitalism.

I think it’s fair to say that the Greens’ view is that through legislation the excesses and abuses of the system can be reined in.

We have policy resolutions on a great range of questions but nothing that pulls it all together and explains what we are fighting for, the big picture — a fundamental change in the way our society and economy is organised and what some of the key elements of this are. It is not really a conjunctural document — except, of course, to outline the looming catastrophe of climate change and an economic crisis which may well end up being worse than the Great Depression.

The document doesn’t mention everything about Australian or world politics and I think it would be a mistake if we tried to do that.

For example, dissident voices are largely excluded from the mass media, which is mainly privately owned. The mass media has a tremendous power and reach and ability to shape public concerns and perceptions.

Look, for instance at the progressive comedian Catherine Deveny. She had a very high profile and really served it up on some issues. Murdoch has one vote; so does the homeless person living in a box under a bridge. It’s very much a soporific — you suffer in daily life but at the ballot box we are all equal.But after you have your vote things go on exactly as before — or your workplace may be closed and you are out of a job. With their latest pay rise our federal pollies have risen into the social stratosphere compared to the mass of their constituents so our demand that MPs work for average workers’ wages plus the other points is effectively a call for a new system.But the main the main lesson of all history is that no progressive change will come about without a big struggle.Several decades of neoliberal attacks have already made life very stressful for a considerable number of people.And we can be sure that a lot more misery will find its way here even if it develops more slowly than in Europe.In my opinion all the corporations should be taken over.

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    It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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