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All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.******** Prologue: Edward Walters wasn’t gifted with great intelligence.

If he’d known how strenuous work was going to be he might have chosen to skip the workout. They were also appreciative of the beauty being flaunted.This often led to him being hurt or taken advantage of.He knew that wasn’t normal but Grace never made him feel stupid or ashamed for his inability to understand. She understood him better than anyone and he loved her with every fibre of his being.Author's Notes: ' The Most Valuable Gift' is an unplanned sequel to ' One Who Understands'.The stories are read in the following order: 1 One Who Understands, 2 The Most Valuable Gift, 3 To Walk a Mile.The four story shopping complex in the downtown boutique shopping district the team was working on these days involved a lot of heavy lifting and cramped working conditions but he was putting in extra time to get the job done quickly. Along with the beautiful dresses and glittering jewellery many of those attending were very pretty indeed, both the men and women.

If they could meet the deadline for the spring opening there was a generous bonus involved. Drakos was very delighted with the progress they were making, especially Ed’s. “That was the nice woman I met at the luncheon, Tristan Grant. Most of the idle rich spent their time with trainers and in salons maintaining their physiques.

She’d later said that she never expected their relationship to advance beyond their mutual and powerful physical attraction and she’d resigned herself to that.

She lived alone in a large mansion since her ex-husband and his son had unsuccessfully tried to kill her to collect the insurance money.

Rachel Thompson was the mother of one of Ed’s football teammates.

Initially she seemed to be just attracted to his physical attributes but she confessed that she had fallen for his innocence and his sweet, gentle nature.

He didn’t have a six figure job, drive a fast sports car, or own a villa in the south of France. He’d lost his mother to a tragic accident and had no father so he’d been taken in by his mother’s cousin Shirley Wilson.

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    Now, Google has taken a much more streamlined approach, releasing one major Android update per year and much smaller, security-focused updates once per month.

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    She would playfully wait for me to not be paying attention, and then drink or eat my food. Eventually, however, his patience began to wear thin: “Around the two- month mark, though, these ‘quirks’ became annoyances.