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Ten years ago, Castaway turned 28 adults and eight children into Britain’s first reality TV stars.

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Sometimes Mum taught us but I loved learning from people with different skills, from artists and poets.‘The things I missed were tele­vision and flushing toilets.Pour permettre à chacun de découvrir la richesse de ses contenus et plus encore, France Télévisions lance le service vidéo, un accès unique et simplifié à tous les contenus vidéo de France Télévisions.Retrouvez les rediffusions des programmes dans leur intégralité comme vous le faisiez sur Pluzz ou laissez-vous guider par la sélection de vos chaînes et programmes selon les envies.And the show made a star of TV presenter Ben Fogle who, until then, worked on Tatler magazine.He says: ‘I had no plans to make a career in TV, so Castaway was a life-changing experience. The high point was being on magical Taransay, the real star of the show.It sounded a great idea to be taken out of school, but at the beginning I wanted to go home because I missed my friends.

‘It was an exciting time, chasing deer out of our vegetable patch.Families with children rebelled and returned to the mainland, so sowing the seeds of division. There were power games, gossip, broken bones – and the odd romance.But attempts by the programme-makers to manipulate the castaways met with hostility from the islanders, who found ingenious ways to break the rules, including bribing a local fisherman to leave supplies on the beach.Colin, 57, a decorator, was the island’s slaughterman.‘I smuggled in booze and fags and those holier-than-thou types would sheepishly ask me what I could get,’ he says. I learnt how to knit and splice ropes – I helped make our garden hammock out of fishing nets from the island. I made great friends and we’re still very much in touch today.