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The experience brought home in graphic terms the brutal reality of human trafficking. 9-10, it assembled Ohio social-service agencies, legislators and law enforcement staff to discuss coordination at the state and local level.“They were going to induce labor and steal the baby,” Ensalaco recalled. For Ensalaco, it was a very positive turnout that garnered a lot of local and some national media coverage.

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Roth credits the Vatican with staging several international conferences and Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI with leading the effort to raise awareness.After 20 years of silence, she wrote a book about the experience, The Sacred Bath: An American Teen’s Story of Modern-Day Slavery, and started Christian-based Gracehaven.Another American evangelical Christian effort is the International Justice Mission; devoted to ending human trafficking in all its forms, the organization uses undercover agents who gather evidence against human-trafficking operations abroad and turn the evidence over to the police and provide safety for victims and witnesses.We know where to target our efforts.” Bishops’ Involvement A big part of the effort is being directed by the U. bishops’ conference, whose Migration and Refugee Services has a federal contract to provide social services to the foreign victims of trafficking across the U. According to Kristyn Peck Williams, a Migration and Refugee Services screening and field coordinator who spoke at the Dayton conference, Migration and Refugee Services subcontracts, trains and liaises with existing local agencies around the country to ensure victims of trafficking are housed, protected and rehabilitated after often horrific experiences.Under the Migration and Refugee Services, the number of participating agencies has grown from 25 to just over 100, while 1,408 client/victims were served in the last three and a half years, two-thirds of them women and children.“When America’s child prostitutes are identified by the FBI or police, they are incarcerated for whatever reason possible, whether it be an unrelated crime or ‘material witness hold,’ ” she said.

“Then they are dumped back in the dysfunctional home, ill-equipped group home or foster care, and [often] disappear back into the underground of prostitution with no voice.” Ian Mc Caleb, a spokesman for the Justice Department, said the government “uses a victim-centered approach that provides victims with the services they need in order to recover and to fully participate in the criminal justice process.” But some of the local law enforcement officials who worked with the FBI on the October bust echoed Lee’s comments.

She loved her family and didn’t see herself as a victim,” Williams said. Now there are a handful of federally funded pilot projects.

Baby Steps Williams said the United States and the world are taking “baby steps” in the fight against human trafficking, likening it to the early stages of the campaign against domestic violence decades ago. “Victims of sex trafficking, for example, don’t belong in housing situations with drug addicts,” said Williams.

International Justice Mission itself focuses on cooperating with local justice systems in foreign countries to strengthen their efforts against what Roth calls “this plague.” And she’s optimistic: “We’re not at the tipping point, but we’re approaching it — and having a global network of Catholic religious communities on our side is a big, big help.” source:

option=dedestaca&id=4310&grupo=News Media&canal=News The FBI saved more than 50 in an October crackdown, but experts say the victims need intensive residential treatment, which they aren’t getting. Reporting from Washington – More than a month after the FBI announced it had rescued 52 children from “sexual slavery” in a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution, none of the victims is receiving the help experts say is necessary to overcome such trauma and rejoin society.

After focusing for years on imported victims, she said, the U. government is only now waking up to the reality of domestic trafficking. The Dayton conference also heard from Theresa Flores, director of a safe house for teenage girls rescued from prostitution.