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To friends, Thrall is warm and generous, freely swapping stories and information.

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Enraged, Thrall challenged the stranger to single combat.He was clever, quick, and enormous even by orc standards.However, Blackmoore's abusive beatings both in and out of the ring began to take its toll.Even when crimes are committed, the harshest punishment that Thrall will mete out is exile — banishment into the almost lifeless wastelands of the Barrens, where the elements judge who lives and who dies.However, if someone under his leadership causes dishonorable and unnecessary bloodshed, or worse, consorts with demons, Thrall's policy is clear: a death sentence carried out with the help of the Doomhammer.Blackmoore gave him the name Thrall, which was another word for "slave" in the human tongue.

Blackmoore returned with Thrall to his fortress, Durnholde Keep, raising him as a gladiator with all the savagery of an orc, but with the keen strategic intellect of a human.

It was here that he met an old orc with glowing red eyes named Kelgar.

Kelgar told him of the corruption of Gul'dan, and how the old ways had been so much better for the Horde.

Orgrim Doomhammer (mentor, friend and former warchief), Drek'Thar (shaman mentor), Grommash Hellscream, Aedelas Blackmoore (former slave master), Sergeant (former gladiator trainer), Medivh (in the Third War) was the Warchief of the restored orcish Horde and ruler of the red land of Durotar in Kalimdor.

Before the Cataclysm, he was Warchief of all the Horde, but temporarily gave leadership to Garrosh Hellscream Despite Thrall’s open acceptance of visitors into his society, the orcs have not yet relinquished all of their old hatreds and preconceptions about other races.

Taretha wrote Thrall letters and secretly delivered them to him in his cage within books, and he wrote back to her.

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