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The chicken not only shattered the windshield but also went right through and made a hole on the back wall of the engine cab – the unscathed chicken’s head popping out of the hole. After serving his company for many years, he happily retired.

The report consisted of just one recommendation and it read “Use a thawed chicken.” A Tester’s Courage The Director of a software company proudly announced that a flight software developed by the company was installed in an airplane and the airlines was offering free first flights to the members of the company. In desperation, they called on the retired software tester and after much persuasion he reluctantly took the challenge.

That is when you pull yourself together and remind yourself do what matters most to you.

Keep pushing, and leave what is not meant to be, behind. #motivation is #key to #success -LM photo by: @boostinphotography A post shared by Lizzy Musi (@lizzymusi) on One of Lizzy’s first duties as Kye’s official significant other is to help nurse him back to health after he suffered a herniated disc in his spine.

That’s all I have to say.” After deleting the post she reportedly mentioned that people had their screen shots and she had her fun for the day.

It appears as though Lizzy and Kye’s divorce may have been finalized, and Lizzy has already moved out of their former home and listed it for sale.

Lizzy changed her relationship status one week before Kye, although she didn’t identify her significant other at the time.

For those not familiar with Lizzy, not only is she a successful drag racer in her own right, but she is the daughter of famous drag racing engine builder Pat Musi.As a big bonus to car buffs, it included Kye’s 30X30 insulated shop with heating and air conditioning.According to Zillow, the listing price was dropped to 9,500 in December.suffering from a large disc herniation #strength #prayers.” Later, Kye shared another update after the procedure: Jus got to recovery , seems to have went well my left leg is numb but that’s normal.My plans are to walk outta here on my own two feet and try not to miss my bow fishing trip tonight, guys and girls that is absolutely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life ! Thank god this spine doctor is a nice guy and stayed late to give me the emergency procedure ,now all I gotta hope is it worked but I can tell u I already feel a lil relief !!!According to online records, the property was initially listed back in October for 5,000.

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