Updating laser in xbox disk drive

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However, if you intend to use this console on Xbox Live, you must replace the drive with the same model drive that was originally in the Xbox — if you don't, you will be console-banned from Xbox Live.(Meaning that console will no longer be allowed on Live.) Some places say you need to have the exact same manufacturer and model DVD drive, and it should work.

(You can check what kernel your Xbox is running under the system info.) If your kernel is above 7371 though you'll need to do the Reset Glitch Hack or (RGH for short, tutorial).Some owners have complained of a loud grinding or knocking sound when discs are trying to be read by the faulty consoles.Microsoft is replacing the consoles, and faulty Xbox One owners will receive a free digital download copy of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios.i had a lit-eon dg-16d4s that had broken and now have a fully functional DVD drive...Google is your Friend :-) Thank you for your interest in this question.Send it in to Microsoft to get a refurbished Xbox 360 for USD.

Simple swap the chip set for the exact same model drive situated inside your old drive (If you still have it) and place it in the new one it is only a matter of pulling out three ribbon cables .

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The malfunctioning systems will still allow players to use digital download copies, so these particular games will work regardless of the faulty disc drives.

While Microsoft is working to replace the consoles, some gamers have discovered a potential fix for the problems.

If you wish to access Xbox Live, your best bet of keeping your console from getting banned is to use the model of DVD drive that originally came with that console. Generally the motherboard DVD drive pair goes something like this.