Jennifer ellison dating steven gerrard

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Prior to her relationship with Gerrard, Curran was dating businessman Tony Richardson, while Gerrard was dating Jennifer Ellison.At some point in 2002, Curran and Ellison switched lovers; The Guardian wrote, "who stole whom off whom is still the subject of some debate and perhaps Ellison's autobiography". On 11 December 2007, while husband Steven Gerrard was away playing with Liverpool, the couple's home was burgled while she and another female resident were inside.

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The most recent stories were circulated on Twitter and then forwarded around the country via text messages and emails.She is described as a leading "WAG" of the England national football team, along with women such as Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney.In 2007, the Times referred to her, then Steven Gerrard's fiancée, as an "über-WAG".An investigation into Gerrard's background has revealed that his family have long-standing friendships with gangsters in the city. Five years ago, the father of one of his ex-girlfriends, with whom Steven is said to have been close, was given a lengthy jail term for possessing 5,000 ecstasy tablets and a gun.Further, Gerrard's wife, Alex (nee Curran), used to date a well-known Liverpudlian criminal by the name of Tony Richardson, who left her for Jennifer Ellison, Steven's girlfriend at the time.When the name of the character witness was read out to the sleepy jury at Lincoln Crown Court this week, even the doziest of their number sprang to rapt attention.

Steven George Gerrard MBE - captain of Liverpool Football Club, occasional captain of England and role model to millions of impressionable youngsters - wished it to be known that he had "the utmost respect" for the man who stood in the dock.Yet, for all his demonstrable qualities, not to mention a personal fortune of £15 million, he has not been able to shake off the criminal elements he has known since childhood in the tough Liverpool district of Huyton. Fellow Liverpudlian England star Wayne Rooney is another high-profile player from the inner city who has been targeted by violent thugs.Meanwhile, another multimillionaire Premier League star who hails from the city, Joey Barton, has seen no fewer than three close relatives sent to jail for murder in recent years.Even his stellar football career is alleged to have fallen prey to the villains. As a football mad teenager at Cardinal Heenan School in the Liverpool district of West Derby, it was common knowledge that young Steven had a glittering future ahead of him.Four years ago, Gerrard's multi-million pound transfer to Chelsea was called off at the eleventh hour because of intolerable pressure being placed on his family by "certain elements". At 17, he signed a contract with Premier League giants Liverpool FC and within 18 months had forced his way into the first team.The Gerrards, it must be stated here, are a law-abiding family without a stain on their character.

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