Ryan and baya from the real world dating

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For some reason this prompts Chet to ask Sarah what she would do if her boyfriend hit her, and she says that she would leave him.This devolves into a conversation about domestic abuse, and Chet is completely oblivious of the effect that this conversation is having on Sarah.

In the morning Devyn sits in the kitchen talking to Sarah, Katelynn and Scott about what happened at the club.) we see Sarah on the phone with her mother, talking about her renewed interest in advocacy work.She goes online to get some information, and then goes off to a “Free Arts NYC” program to volunteer where she winds up working with a young girl named “Sapphire.” At the same time we see Chet wandering NYC waiting for Alex, panicking that she has stood him up.She then goes to speak to JD and accuses him of intentionally “trying to cause a scene”, and JD blames the alcohol.Devyn tells him that she will “never see [him] the same way again.” She then goes out to lunch with one of her cousins, who is in the Broadway production of “The Color Purple.” Her cousin gives her information about a casting director so that she can start auditioning in NYC.Back at the house, after the party, Chet talks to Baya about how he is “really into” Alex.

In the morning there is a phone call for Sarah, which JD answers.

A traffic pattern due to construction leads her to the Holland Tunnel (taking her into NJ), and she winds up 30 minutes late for the audition.

The casting director is clearly not pleased, and tells her that she now has only 10 minutes to perform.

Devyn is nervous, but she tries to trip up Angelique by singing a country song, and does “I Hope You Dance.” Angelique is up to the task, and finishes the song alone.

When the roommates all return to the house Sarah tells Katelynn about JD’s behavior.

In addition, he tells her that the typeface on her resume sucks and got smudged all over his hands.