Updating to 708 on olpc

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Updating to 708 on olpc - Tchatsex

If a child doesn't have the activity, it is automatically transfered to the child when he or she joins the shared activity.Packaging activities in self-contained bundles allows easy sharing, installation, removal, and backup.

Supported_systems#Fedora_on_an_OLPC_XO has some more details on upgrading OLPC software.

Any resources or executable code that is not provided by the base system must be packaged within the bundle.

Activity bundles are the end result of, and use a different directory structure than, activity development Activities are meant to be shared between children.

On a Fedora10 system: and then copy and to a USB key or SD card On the OLPC-XO-1, boot with the USB key plugged in and the four game keys press to get to the OK prompt in Open Firmware (OFW).

Type the following commands: where 802 is the build number of the latest stable image from OLPC.

Activities should not rely on being installed in a specific location, and should use relative paths where paths are necessary (i.e., for shared library linkage, activity resources such as images, sounds, etc).

They should also not rely on the bundle's base directory name remaining the same.

Activities should also NEVER store local state or preferences in the activity bundle itself.

These should always be stored in an activity-specific directory in the user's sugar profile, available through the SUGAR_PROFILE environment variable.

In order to use either Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3, XO-1 owners must request a developer key from OLPC; it's a simple process but takes up to 24 hours.

Warning: Options 2 & 3 will wipe /security directory, with any leases or devkeys there. If you do boot the stick on another machine first, the X server setup needed for the XO will not be done.

--Inkyfingers , 4 March 2012 (EST) Please contribute to the discussion on the talk page.

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