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Directv should be proud of the people they have working for them. Forgot password but the only way i could get an email that would prompt me to set up a new password was for Direct TV to send me an email to the email i signed up to them 12 years ago.

Ladaysha found things funny and could not explain the disclosure or why my service was totally disconnected in the first place. My agony, frustration, headache, and inconvenience is far beyond words.

The same with my 6 year old grand daughter who thought it was funny and thought we should join in on the coffee pouring fun. 6p.m untold oh notes switch couldn’t fond your address…REALLY MY ADDRESS???? Family, friends warned me that if I leave spectrum I would regret it! You all lie and I will not renew again, also I feel my contract with you should be void since your company changed the rules Reply I’m deeply disturbed with a direct tv commercial that I’ve seen a few times….

I cancelled my service waiting on direct t.v now I have no SERVICE. in particular the lady pouring coffee from a coffee pot on herself while acting giddy…. Reply I recently moved and wish to get a new direct tv service.

On the 8th of Jan you called me to come back and dangled a great deal so I said yes waited till Jan 20 to get my service back with a 4 hour time commitment well 11am your guy shows up states he was giving the wrong order information went to his car to call sup then left really. I have reported my problems to several Direct Representatives with no result.

Now I have been on the phone with customer service since 1145 trying to deal with this transferred not sure how many times waited 2 hours for a sup. I am writing to the BBB FTC Facebook CEO doing it all this is the must unacceptable treatment I have ever received in customer service Reply When are we going to get CBS channel 6 back (73507 area code). I first reported problems with my television Dec.6 2017. I asked for a manager or cooperate number and was given what i am sure was an out source number i couldn’t even understand what the rep was saying.

I asked to speak to a manager four times with different reps And just got put on hold for over 30 minutes each time.

I was on the phone from 4pm to 7pm trying to resolve the issue.I was promised 0 visa card when I switch and 3 months of free HBO.I wanted to check with Direct TV, what offer you got. Allegedly, there is an ongoing software problem that is affecting my service. We had a technician come out and replace the faulty equipment with other faulty equipment, with the quote being, “I am unavailable for an equipment upgrade!Just tell me the right one that do not change from person to person and day to day. ” I have been waiting for 3 months to have this issue resolved.I understand that there are promotional offers, however, I am not comfortable with too much discrepancies. ” Opened up my bill to find that I had been charged over 0.00 for pay per views that I allegedly ordered from my remote. Finally, Directv’s customer service is customer DISSERVICE. Well it seems like it is never going to be fixed, and you can count on the fact that when my contract date runs out, I will not renew with Directv.In 2006, Direc TV sold off the last of its non-core business entities and began to focus solely on satellite TV service. In 2010, Sirius XM channels were replaced with Sonic Tap.

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