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It was a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage and was indeed very relaxing that even our investigative writer almost fell to sleep while being pampered all through out.Our asset was given oil massage with gentle to hard strokes on the back, arms, and legs.

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It does give a therapeutic result for the individual because it makes a person feel relaxed after doing it. As the therapist makes her final few strokes, the mind and body of the patient comes together in a nirvana stage coupled with normal to fast heart beatings until the heat inside the body is released in front of a therapist.The masseuse approached and whispered to our asset that it’s time for an extra service, like touching the private parts, for additional fee.It was like our mole was being hypnotized and disagreeing with the masseuse’s invitation was the last thing our mole had in mind.In Tantra the penis is referred to as the Lingam which means “” in Sanskrit.The Lingam massage is the counterpart to the Yoni massage: both focused on the pelvic region.A cup of coffee or tea is offered for free while customers take time to prep up and wear their clothes back again.

As for our asset, it was like everything went well at Charlie’s.One is right here in the key city while the second branch’s located in a provincial town near to call centers and hotels.The lingam massage continued on its next phase and our asset was asked to change positions to lie his back on the bed.During their conversation, the masseuse shared that when lingam was first introduced in this province, it was only the foreigners who were seeking the services, particularly those who have erectile dysfunction.Later on, as lingam gains it popularity, Filipino patrons became interested too.The masseuse told our asset that he can touch her chubby breast for an additional thousand bucks which was then lowered to half the first offered price as discounted rates because she thinks our asset was cute.