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star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off his impressive weight loss with his before and after photos—which were taken only three months apart. It’s been three months and I feel like these are photos of two different people,” he wrote of the selfies highlighting his noticeably thinner face.Goldman told curious commenters that he dropped the weight the “old school” way by “eating clean, riding my bike, lifting weights.”Friends of the Food Network chef including Michael Voltaggio and Rocco Di Spirito joined in on congratulating Goldman on his success so far. ” commented Di Spirito, who’s known for his own 30 lb. “You look terrific and I am sure feel even better.” Though this is his first time sharing a transformation photo, Goldman has been documenting his efforts on Instagram recently.

When he has a dessert, it’s some kind of chips," Rodriguez's daughter Ella recently told PEOPLE at his new UFC Gym. I am not tempted by sugar," the baseball star added."If I have a goal, I'm really good about what I eat—protein, veggies, clean food and restricted carbohydrates," says the former Sexiest Man Alive."Cheat days are pizza, hamburgers, beer, sugary things. " When she's not on goop's annual detox plan, Paltrow's biggest diet restriction is processed foods.It was the most incredible weekend of my life." The Rock stuck to a "strict diet" while shooting the film adaption of Baywatch (plus rigorous early morning workouts).So about every four days, Johnson implemented what he called "DJ Heaven" — a plate of steak and scrambled eggs and chocolate chip banana pancakes.The professional wrestler hates the term cheat day—but that doesn't mean he won't indulge once in a while. "I’m really just, usually, a meat, vegetable eater, so I’ll gravitate towards starches.

"We all know that eating food that isn’t necessarily healthy isn’t good for us, and the word cheat gives us entitlement to just cheat," Cena told Brobible. I love like potato dishes, hash browns, fried rice, stuff like that– pretty much the things that I don’t get in the normal basis." Don't expect the Deadpool actor to whip up his own junk food meal.

But I go for the nuts because I like salt." While the Twilight star's diet mainly consists of fish, chicken and vegetables, Greene says she doesn't deny herself the occasional splurge.

Her favorites include grits, cheese, red wine, and chocolate.

Cheat meals were a popular pastime on the set of Baywatch, it seems.

After nine days of zero carbs or sugar, Johnson's costar Efron documented his domination of an impressive spread of steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, three desserts, bread and butter, brick cheese and caviar.

"I'm a classic guy though I like to just have the classic Krispy Creme right out of the oven too." We know the media mogul was able to shed weight while still eating bread "every single day," but there's another food she can't resist indulging in occasionally. "If I am in the right mind space and if it’s right after the season—because that’s when I do my most bad eating—I’ll take down one whole package of Oreos, the whole thing," he tells PEOPLE.

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