Java coding for validating x 509 certificate

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Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, available in 45 languages, and has been downloaded more than 1 million times! Mainly choropleth maps where the color intensity relates to some value of a geographic area, but Highmaps also supports different features like lines (roads, rivers etc.) and points (cities, points of interest) and more.

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It's built with SCSS and available via Bower, so it's easy to include all or part of it within your own project.makes it easy to write conditional CSS _and/or_ Java Script based on device operating system (i OS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Firefox OS, Mee Go, Apple TV, etc), orientation (Portrait vs. It supports DIVs, IFrames and document page (body) scrollbars.Compatible with Firefox 4 , Chrome 5 , Safari 4 (win/mac), Opera 10 , IE 6 (all A-grade browsers).Emoji One is a complete set of emojis designed for the web.It includes libraries to easily convert unicode characters to shortnames (:smile:) and shortnames to our custom emoji images. Kinetic JS is an HTML5 Canvas Java Script framework that enables high performance animations, transitions, node nesting, layering, filtering, caching, event handling for desktop and mobile applications, and much more. Nicescroll is a jquery plugin, for nice customizabled scrollbars with a very similar ios/mobile style.Easel JS is a library for building high-performance interactive 2D content in HTML5.

It provides a feature-rich display list to allow you to manipulate and animate graphics.Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types. See the license here: Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons (j Query and Zepto).Features: identical inputs across different browsers and devices (both desktop and mobile), touch devices support (i OS, Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle), keyboard accessible inputs (Tab, Spacebar, Arrow up/down and other shortcuts), screenreader accessible inputs — (ARIA attributes for Voice Over and others), customization freedom (use any HTML and CSS to style inputs or try 6 Retina-ready skins), lightweight size (1 kb gzipped).And unlike monolithic frameworks like or Angular that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP simply owns the animation layer; sprinkle it wherever you want. There's a j Query plugin that hijacks the native j Query.animate() method so that animations perform much better and additional properties can be tweened, like colors, transforms (2D and 3D), box Shadow, border Radius, clip, and lots more.GSAP has no dependencies on j Query or other libraries. Primer is the CSS toolkit that powers Git Hub's front-end design.Polymer provides features like dynamic templates and data binding to reduce the amount of boilerplate you need to write gracefully supports the HTML5 History/State APIs (push State, replace State, on Pop State) in all browsers.

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