Keily williams dating

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Keily williams dating

Edmund or Edmond is shortened to Ed and a small raised m. But you can read it all quite easily and there were not a lot of baptisms for this period.The following are the places where the baptism took place.

If, however, you have placed at least five orders worth a combined £650 or more, you will become an Elite member.The priest has written in the margin the address of the couple, which is a big plus in searching for ancestors in these records.The handwriting is easy to read although they have their own shorthand for christian names and place names.Cantwell sp: John Bourke & Bridget Fanning , Kile, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: Michael Cleary & Margaret Fanning *27?Nov 1870, Lissaroon, John of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Cornelius Ryan & Honora Cormack , Drom, Thomas of Michael Lynch & Honora Fanning sp: John & Catherine Fanning , Pallas Hill, Mary of Michael Mc Grath & Mary Fanning sp: James Fanning & Ellan Carroll , Anne of Patrick Maher & Anto Kinsella sp: James Fanning & Joanna Rigan *, Lissaroon, Anastatia of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Catherine Cormack , Kill, Catherine of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: Andrew ? of Michael Mc Grath & Mary Fanning, sp: Margaret Ryan & Patrick Meagher 10 Sept 1873, Killahagan, Catherine of Michael Carroll & Mary Dwyer, sp: Patrick Kennedy & Catherine Fanning *, Lissaroon, Laurence of Michael Fanning & Catherine Ryan, sp: Michael Fanning & ? Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: James Ryan & Anastatia Fanning , Bouladuff, Catherine of Kyran Walsh & Ann Dwyer, sp: Robert Whelan & Honora Fanning , Killahagan, Ellen of Denis Kavanagh & Catherine Fanning, sp: John ? of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, sp: William Fanning & Eamy Flinn * priest’s note: married Catherine Loughmoon LIverpool.Ensuring they keep on-trend by offering the latest looks, they make buying plus-size clothing, lingerie and swimwear for the summer from brands like Coast, Joanna Hope and Grace, as well as wide fit shoes, sandals and other types of footwear, simple.

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Civil birth records at start from 1864 and end with births over a 100 years ago.

Records with an asterisk are of Fannings that I am related to.

The priests spelt the same places in different ways: Annfield, Annfield bridge, Ardkeen, Arkeen, Balliduff, Ballinlon, Balinlonty, Ballypatrick, Barnane, Bawnoun, Bawnounah, Bawnourah, Boherleegh, Booladuff, Bouladuff, Bouliduff, Caulleys Town, Claykile, Claykyle, Cleighhayle, Cleighayte, Clonbeg, Clonbegg, Clonmore, Clonismullen, Coohane, Coohaun, Coolgurt, Coolhawn, Currough, Dovea, Drom, Monroe, Feeleigh, Feileigh, Feleigh, Feileghah, Feighlahah, Fishmoyne, Graig, Grove, Gurtdafinan, Gurtdalinan, Inch, Mahera Reigh, Kerawn, Kill, Killahagan, Killahigan, Kille, Killefitmoon, Killoskahan, Killoskehan, Killoskean, Kirane, Killvillecoris, Klekile, Knocka, Lackindara, Lahra, Lara, Laraw, Lahraw, Lassina, Laught, Liscrea, Lissaroon, Lough, Mickna, Mockna, Moher S, Monroe, Moonvoor, Mounvour, Moovoor, Mt Catherine, Pallas Hill, Rag, Rathmoy, Rorestown, Rordstown, Roridstown, Rathlesty, Rathleasty, The Ragg, Skachanarran, Sometimes House is given as the address.

I am assuming the mother and or child was too ill to be baptised at the church as was customary?

, Lissaroon, Honora of John Purcell & Emma Bourke, sp: Patrick Feehan & Honora Fanning , Clonismillen, Mary of James Ryan & Catherine Ryan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Bridget Ryan , Ballinlonty, William Of James Talbot & Ellen Bannon, sp: Michael Bourke & Joanna Fanning , Lissaroon, James of William Ryan & Jane Ryan, sp: William Meagher & Bridget Fanning , Rathleasty, Bridget of Edward Ryan & Johanna Corrigan, sp: James Neil & Anastatia Fanning , Ballinlonty, Mary Catherine of James Hoare & Anastatia Fanning, sp: Patrick Fanning & Johanna Fanning , Kill, John of William Fanning, farmer, & Amy Flinn, sp: James Fanning & Ellen Mc Grath & Margaret Russell, twin of Margaret , Kill, Margaret of William Fanning & Annie Flinn, sp: Patrick Fogarty & Johanna Ryan.

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    Justice Tafaoimalo acknowledged her family, her mother, her brothers especially her husband and children.