3d dating and sex sites

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3d dating and sex sites - what is short term dating

It would also be a challenge to give men a way to measure themselves while standing in a Walmart aisle.

In the meantime, One invented highly automated new machines that can make the many condom sizes.reports that Cameron’s production company Lightstorm Entertainment has extended its partnership with Christie Digital granting it access to the latter’s new RGB laser projection system.It will result in a clearer picture, although there is currently no word on how many cinemas will show the sequel in the format.In October, Sony released its Xperia XZ1 smartphone, which includes one of the most advanced 3-D scanners yet.Move it around any object, and the software creates a fully rendered 3-D image that can be animated to put into video games.But scientists all over the world, including at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wollongong in Australia, are designing hydrogel condoms.

Hydrogel is the kind of squishy material found in soft contact lenses.With a few snippets of code, technology like that could be made to measure and create an actual-size 3-D image of any sort of organ.This will cause some trouble if it winds up in the hands of mad sexters like Anthony Weiner, but it could send perfect measurements to a 3-D printer to customize a condom.In the 20th century, mass-production technology ruled, and businesses sought economies of scale by getting big and making the same thing for as many people as possible.In this century, technology is allowing for mass customization.Instead of building an assembly line, imagine a company like One filling a factory floor with 3-D printers, each able to quickly make any size condom on demand.