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the companies already have my contact info, so why not enter them into the machine one more time and get an ipod for your (and your friend's) trouble?

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to the right company this is very valuable info and worth paying for.

gratis make their money from the actual companies they send customers to receiving a lump sum for everyone that signs up.

many testimonials have surfaced from people who have received ipods from the offer and encouraging others to sign-up.

i've refered 6 people, so now i just wait for my ipod. and yeah, i could easily pay cash for about 200 ipods. :) – by mspgratis internet has been around for like 4 years.

i used to use their first website,, and never had any problems with them.

some people have even started affiliate websites called “conga lines” to show people this isn't a con.

people signing up to the offer has recently spiked unsurprisngly due to increased publicity and purely due to the fact it is a real offer. On the left side are the 5 open and close arrows options. You may also clear the chat rooms text and turn Apples spell checker on or off..a new site has popped up on the internet called that surprisingly has seen little business until recently.second, linux is surely not a free lunch for the developers of the software.i assume your post was in jest, but if not there is still costs in the software (remember in economics costs are not only in the color of $$$). perhaps you didn't read the 'how it works' agreement.i got a free subscription to the newspaper for a month 2 years ago, and after canceling that subscription, i still get about 2 phone calls a week asking if i want the service again. i'm having people sign up for the video professor offer (free turorial cd of their choice for .95 shipping) and then refunding their shipping.

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