Dating antique forks

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Dating antique forks - international 100 caribbean dating site

The knife, like the spoon, was one of the first tools in the hands of modern humans.In the beginning, they were nothing more than pieces of chipped obsidian or flint, but they gradually evolved into handled blades.

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Sometimes silver-plated steel was used for the blades, but the silver reacted with salt and many types of food, causing the blade to become damaged, or simply worn out from cleaning.

These first metal implements often wore out very quickly, however, and only gained resilience with the development of copper alloys. But it is believed that with the introduction of the fork, implements designed to use with particular types of food began to appear, and the simple spoon became tablespoons, teaspoons, ladles and soup spoons, to name a few.

The shape of the spoon remained relatively unchanged until the introduction of the fork. Apostle spoons first appeared during the 16th century, and were traditionally given as baptismal gifts from godparents in very wealthy families (thus, the saying, “Born with a silver spoon in the mouth”).

The style of these pieces began to change, as well, becoming more ornate, with decorations such as leaves and scrollwork.

Flatware patterns emerged, such as the Old English pattern of the late 18th century, and inspiration was taken from interior design and architecture.

In fact, the first flatware sets were personal items, owned and carried by their owners when dining out.

The earliest sets date to the 14th century and were comprised of a fork, used for serving, with a matched set of knives for eating with the fingers.First formed of shells, which were later attached to sticks, the first spoons were used by our earliest ancestors.As human beings learned to work with different materials, they fashioned the spoon accordingly, carving them from wood and horn, and eventually working metals like silver and iron into spoon-shaped utensils from the earliest days of metalcraft.However, King Charles I of England declared them “decent to use” in 1633, and the fork slowly but surely gained acceptance at the table.It was another century before the large flatware services we know today began to appear on sophisticated tables.This was the Georgian period in England and dining reached theatrical levels.

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