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I have women say to me ‘Another woman would have put her foot down and told him to p*ss off if he said that to her’ – well rather than accept, complain, and lament, put your foot down and tell him to p*ss off!

Maybe you’re getting a late start on getting that summer body you made a New Year’s resolution for.

I speak/correspond with women all the time who say stuff like ‘I don’t think I can be strong if he tries to come back’ or ‘I know that if he were to turn up right now, I’d be weak and we’d be back together in a flash’, ‘I feel bad about myself when I’m around him and I’m not sure I can handle him if we meet’ or ‘I feel helpless and I don’t know how to get it to stop’.

I also hear from people who no matter what I or others say, they have an answer and an excuse for everything that gives them a reason to stay ‘weak’ and without power that they believe has been removed by ‘everyone else’ or ‘everything’.

To top it off, EGL offers the latest Spring fashion and Beauty tips for every girl and woman.

Summer is right around the corner, which means cuffing season is over.

When you spend your time imagining scenarios that have you cast as being helpless while they are all powerful, it’s you that is blocking/removing your power, them.

Stop imagining scenarios that fulfil your negative beliefs – challenge and override the negative voice. You can point out all of the faults of the other party as much as you like but you are wasting your time because it doesn’t change the reality of the relationship you’re in, how you feel about yourself, or the perceived opportunity for change.

Now you walk around through life with your hands outstretched with the box in your hand, trying to offload it. It’s like you don’t want the responsibility of yourself, of trusting your own judgement etc, so every time you meet someone who reflects your beliefs and creates the familiar feeling of your pattern, you can hardly wait to hand the box over. You’re so happy to have offloaded the hot potato, that for a while, you feel ‘good’, until you realise that he’s rifled through the box, depleted some of the goods, and put in some dodgy stuff. The more you use them and nurture, the more they grow. After speaking with a few people about power recently, here are my key lessons for gaining back your power: You determine your value, much like you determine your power.

If you don’t value yourself, have values, and act in line with them, you will ensure that people react to that and treat you without value. If you think like a victim, you’ll be a victim and you render yourself powerless and react accordingly, falling in sync with a dynamic where they get to be ‘powerful’. Even if you have been mistreated, holding onto the victim role is not an empowering one – you can’t do anything with it. Keep imagining them on a pedestal and you render yourself weak. No matter how much we try to shift it elsewhere, it will always come back to us, so there is absolutely no point in continuing to give away your power or believing that the other person has more power because you’re creating a limiting, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine that you have your power and your self-esteem in a valuable looking box.

Inside the box is your values, your sense of self, your boundaries and of course your power, amongst other things.

We cover a few helpful exercise routines to get you started in the “Every Little Step: Beginner Routines for New Exercisers” Wellness feature.

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