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• Introduction • Types • Characteristics • Dating • History/Chronology • Ubirr Rock Art (Northern Australia) • Burrup Peninsula Rock Art (Western Australia) • Bradshaw Rock Paintings (Western Australia) • Sydney Rock Engravings (NSW) • Collections Hand Stencil Painting. Handprints and cupules are believed to constitute the oldest forms of aboriginal parietal art in Australia, dating perhaps to 40,000 BCE.However, this remains unconfirmed by carbon-dating results.

They include 'sash paintings" made with pigments painted on rock surfaces by feather quills.Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country.Smeg has 16 subsidiaries worldwide, overseas offices in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia and an extensive sales network.Unfortunately, over time, some aboriginal caves and rock shelters have become saturated with superimposed imagery as well as artifacts from a great many occupations.As a result, even though Australia is home to more petroglyphs and pictographs than any other country in the world, the sheer number of these cave paintings and rock engravings places a heavy burden on the country's limited archeological resources.NOTE: The recent dating of Sulawesi Cave art (Indonesia) to 37,900 BCE represents a major archeological discovery, with huge potential for ancient sites in Australia.

It demonstrates that Stone Age cave art was being created in SE Asia at the same time as in France and Spain.

As well as rock engravings and cave painting, it includes various forms of prehistoric sculpture.

Aboriginal rock painting includes at least five different styles: (1) X-ray and cross-hatch art from the Arnhem Land and Kakadu regions of Northern Australia - a style of painting in which the insides of animals and humans are depicted, as if X-rayed.

Australian Aboriginal rock art may be the oldest Stone Age art on the planet.

This possibility is supported by the studies of Professor Stephen Oppenheimer, whose research combines genetic analysis with climatology, archeology, fossil analysis and modern dating methods, in order to juxtapose early migration with early rock art, (see for example his book "Out of Eden: The Real Eve").

ochre pits, charcoal, clay, chalk), fruits (berries), vegetables (eg.