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looking rather different to Gendry, the increasingly popular character he plays in HBO’s hit fantasy drama.“I’ve had a wash,” the British actor laughs, referring to the missing layers of fake road dirt generally found smudged on the face of the young armorer’s apprentice, who started Season 2 on the long journey to The Wall with Arya Stark.

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Instead, Joe is sporting his natural color, a blond hue more befitting the Lannisters, the very family whose armies just made Gendry and Arya prisoners at Harrenhal.But the great thing about it was — it was a rite of passage for young actors,” he says of the show, which was also where Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) got her start.“It was like [you got your] first job on ‘Doctors.’ I had two jobs on ‘Doctors.’ Separated by a span of three years, Joe says he first played — a young man who, “overdosed on his older brother’s methadone,” and later brought to life “an angsty teen, who discovered he had epilepsy.” These days, on “Game of Thrones,” his first project for American audiences, Joe is once again playing a young person, and while his character, Gendry, is smart enough to know Arya is a girl in disguise, he hasn’t quite made the connection that King Robert was his father.they’re more likely to come say something to you in the street,” Joe recalls of the fan reaction.“It was lovely and I got some very nice people talking to me during that period of time, but it was a bit full on, so I’m more than happy to go under the radar. PHOTOS: ‘Game’ Boys: The Young Hunks Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ “Skins” may have been Joe’s breakout role in the UK, but despite his age (he’s in his early 20s), and unlike many of his fellow young “GOT” castmates who came in with much less experience, the Nottingham-raised actor has had a host of roles across British screens.“We were surprised at how popular that show became.

So there was a period of about two years where, it was quite full on because teenagers…According to Joe, for Gendry, that means making armor — and in true “Game of Thrones” fashion, some of that work will be shirtless. “Yeah, there was a complete – I mean it was completely gratuitous. Knowing he had the scene coming up last year lead the actor to consuming “a lot of protein shakes” and into a bit of competition with some of his fellow cast mates. We already knew Cunningham was around — he was spotted hanging out with Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) just yesterday — but it’s good to see Dempsie, Murray and Anderson in the mix.Finally, there was also a glimpse of Jon Snow himself in Belfast.I obviously have no dignity,” he laughs, after a discussion of the “Saturday Night Live” “GOT” parody (he loved it) prompts the revelation he’s about to show off the work of many hours in the gym. In the script it says he’s forging a sword in the baking heat. PHOTOS: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2: Even More Character Portraits “It got quite competitive on set — to the extent of complete body fascism on set,” he laughs.

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