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Code completion works with all the literal types in Java Script.

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You can configure the Java Script hints that are displayed in the Hints tab in the Options window. Typing a ', ", [, ( or { inserts a matching closing symbol.The IDE both infers types and explicitly tracks declared types via comments.The most important implication is that the IDE follows types through calls.If you have code like this: function on that String is of the Number type, so if you apply code completion on "to" here, you will see only the methods available on Number.Note: Looking up return types involves a trip to the index, which can take time, so during type analysis the IDE looks at the clock and after a second or two has elapsed it aborts type computation.An ellipsis box indicates folded code and you can place your cursor over the ellipsis box to view the collapsed code.

You can quickly fold or expand all folds in the file by choosing View The Navigator window displays the structure of the Java Script file.The Formatting tab in the Options window enables you to specify options for Java Script files, including indentation, spaces and line wrapping. The background parser runs in a special JSON mode where it allows only an object literal expression with no functions etc.Java Script editing features also work for Java Script code embedded in PHP, JSP and HTML files.Typing the closing symbol will type through the inserted one.Backspacing the opening symbol removes the matching symbol.If the HTML/Java Script category is not available in your installation you can choose Java Script File in the Other category in the New File wizard.