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After losing vision while taking Celexa, I visited the Celexa website.

But, by far, the worst one for me has been what I call "Celexa Dick".

Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240. I was on Celexa for 3 years and at first it worked very well.

But at three years on the drug I started to have violent reactions to the celexa. I am now off the celexa, but not before going through serotonin withdrawal syndrome.

A girl charged in a fatal drunken driving crash also had photos from her My Space page downloaded by prosecutors, who used them in their pre-sentencing report.

The pictures, posted after the crash, showed her holding a beer bottle and wearing a “a belt bearing plastic shot glasses.” Her sentence was more than five years.

been taking celexa for 6 weeks now and feel its working for me, i had mild nausea for the first week, but i coped, but now, and for the last 3 weeks ive had diarreah quite badly and was wondering if this is the celexa, i had read it was a side effect, it cant be anything within my diet as thats closely monitored,i wondered if there was anything i could take to help, or if if i should just put up and shut up (i am in the UK) Celexa at first was a help, but after a year or two of use, I began to lose my sexuality. It helps us sleep at night, wake up on time "naturally", helps fight some forms of cancer.

Felt so numb that I made an appointment to see an OB/GYN to see if possible surgery may help to regain some form of normality. Definitely do some research before you try it, but its a thought. The sexual side effects are an issue to both male and female.I have been off the drug for 30 days and have had no negative side effects.I am me again, unfortunately, I did so enjoy being more normalized.I have really bad migrains and i have anitey and depression and i have took a lot of medication for them but i took effector for my depression and my anitey and i had to quit taking them because they were a weightgain so i don"t take nothing thats going to make me gain weight. By April 2001, I'd lost the central vision in my right eye. old, took no other meds, was in good health and had no family history of ocular disease.Has anyone else experienced vision problems or vision loss while taking Celexa?In one instance, a prosecutor showed the court a Powerpoint presentation of party photos that had been posted on Facebook by a 20-year-old defendant after he nearly killed another driver in a three-car collision.

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    Remember also that the right site could be on the second or third page of Google results.