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"This is not an area where Apple should want to cede competitive ground to Google and Samsung," said Avi Greengart, an analyst at research firm Global Data.

Qualcomm expects up to 10 Android phones this year to follow suit.

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is the fastest phone when it comes to tapping into cellular network speeds.

That's because it includes Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor or, in some markets, Samsung's own Exynos 8895 chip -- both of which can work with an advanced form of 4G wireless tech called Gigabit LTE.

Gigabit LTE will be a signature feature on many high-profile, premium phones this year.

Despite its name, Gigabit LTE doesn't necessarily mean your phone will be able to download cat videos at 1 gigabit per second, which is equivalent to the home broadband connection you would get with Google Fiber.

The Gigabit LTE refers to the theoretical peak speed, although the real world average speed is still vastly faster than anything you experience now.

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Carriers, meanwhile, also want more phones on Gigabit LTE because it makes for a more efficient network better able to handle more users and traffic. Qualcomm accused Apple of limiting the Qualcomm modems in i Phones so the performance would be on par with the Intel-powered version.