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Together with the United States, China has tried to play a mediating role in that conflict, and Mr.Xi told the heads of state at the General Assembly that peacekeeping alone would not solve Africa’s wars.

Their reports have appeared on popular web portals like and, which are not allowed to have their own journalists.The photo was scheduled for the end of an Internet industry conference that the Chinese had choreographed for Mr. At a special summit on peacekeeping convened by President Obama on Monday afternoon, Mr.Xi’s trip to try to smooth over the deep problems many American tech companies face in the China market, including rampant theft of intellectual property. The turnout at the opening session of the conference was desultory. Xi was scheduled to arrive, his Internet czar, Lu Wei, entered the room where risers had been set up for the executives. Xi said China would supplement the big-ticket items he had outlined earlier in the day with a helicopter squad for peacekeeping operations in Africa.At a news briefing for Western reporters at the Waldorf Astoria, where the Chinese delegation is staying, the Chinese had a tart answer to Mrs. “I believe the Chinese people, particularly the women of China are in the best position to judge on the progress of women in China,” said Li Junhua, director general for international organizations and conferences at the foreign ministry.“As far as I understand, these people are detained not because of women’s rights but because of the violation of laws.” 点击查看本文中文版 When President Xi Jinping’s plane touched down in Seattle for the start of his American trip, 22 Chinese journalists got out of the back door, all handpicked from state-run newspapers and CCTV, the main state broadcaster, for one of the most important assignments in Chinese media.Their job for the next six days would be to report on Mr.

Xi’s public appearances according to a pre-ordained script prepared by the president’s aides for China’s vast television and Internet audience. Xi’s journey from Seattle to Washington and to New York has gone smoothly, with few surprises.

For days, reporters had asked Microsoft, a co-host of the conference with China, for the names of the executive who would meet Mr. Perhaps, it seemed, there would just be a handful of executives with Mr. China, he added, would also train 5,000 peacekeepers from other countries over the next five years.

China’s decision to commit 8,000 police officers was a significant contribution, said Bruce Jones, vice president for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and an expert on peacekeeping.

Xi’s announcement, China dispatched an infantry battalion of 700 soldiers to South Sudan to protect civilians, United Nations employees and humanitarian workers as part of the peacekeeping force there.

China is the biggest investor in South Sudan’s oil fields, where production has slowed because of the fighting.

Shameless.” The Twitter post had particular resonance because 20 years ago when she was first lady, Mrs.