Naughty chats with malay girls

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Naughty chats with malay girls

My heart revolts from any other love than theirs,' she declared.

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The pair embarked on a passionate affair, leading to a smattering of 'Xs' being recorded in the diary.

She learned classics, music, geography, history and French and thus came across the works of Jean Jacques Rousseau, the philosopher whose ideas influenced the French Revolution and the Romantic movement.

Anne was particularly struck by a passage in his Confessions: 'I know my own heart and I understand the human race.

But in 1815, Mariana decided to marry an older landowner, Charles Lawton, who was able to keep her more comfortably than her girlfriend could.

Anne, bitterly hurt by this betrayal, convinced herself that it was only money that was keeping them apart.

These include her courtship of a rich heiress which ended in a very modern same-sex union. Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1791, she was the daughter of a soldier who served in the American War of Independence; her mother was a farmer's daughter from East Riding.

Although she had four brothers, all died early and so it fell to Anne to inherit a spectacular family property, the 15th-century Shibden Hall.The two shared a room at a fashionable York boarding school, the Manor, and Anne soon started keeping a diary about their affair, coming up with her secret code to disguise the sexual nature of the entries.Anne - who referred to Eliza as 'her husband' - was clearly already yearning for a lesbian relationship which would have the longevity and intimacy of marriage.A local historian, Helena Whitbread, spent years translating them and now the BBC is about to turn Anne's story into a new costume drama - a real-life Tipping The Velvet (which was a late-19th-century tale of a lesbian love affair).The Scandalous Diaries Of Anne Lister stars the actress Maxine Peake, who rose to fame as one of Victoria Wood's Dinnerladies and has played Myra Hindley.Later, she meddles in politics and makes imaginative improvements to her estate.

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