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Shamasastry's 1915 foundational translation of the Arthashastra describes the rights of the dasa, confirming Kangle's contention that they were quite different than slaves in other ancient and medieval civilizations.For example, it was illegal to force a dasa (slave) to do certain types of work, to hurt or abuse him, or to commit rape against a female dasa.

For example, "king's dasa", where it refers to "a personal servant"; and "Buddha-dasa", where it refers to "one in service of Buddha".PSC as it stands today is the highest level personnel agency of the Government of India.It is a constitutional body created under the provisions of Article 315.She states that the use of dasa (Sanskrit: दास) and dasi in later times were used as terms for male and female slaves, suggests that initially ethnic differences may have been an important basis of enslavement.offer a different interpretation, and suggest that the word dasa in Sanskrit is better translated as "enemy", "servant" or "religious devotee" depending on the context.UPSC Online Test : UPSC Exam preparing candidates should possess sound knowledge in all main subjects.

Eclectic reading, subject rumination and practicing many online tests are appropriate methods to get through the exam.

The term dāsa and dāsyu in Vedic and other ancient Indian literature has also been translated as "slave", but other scholars have translated it as "servant", its current meaning, or as "religious devotee", and as other abstract concepts depending on context.

The Greek historian Arrian wrote in his Indika, that Megasthenes describes that all Indians were free and no one was a slave.

Our Tests and CDS comprise previous year question papers, frequently asked questions.

Succeeding these highly esteemed exams pave path for young and courageous individuals to dedicate their entire lives to defend our country and people.

He further stated that the Lakedaemonians hold Helots as slaves who do servile labour, however the Indians do not use aliens as slaves, much less a countryman of their own.

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