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Following the suturing of the transcurrent contact between the Internal and External Zones, important N60°–90° E and NW—SE faults occurred.

U dating places the older reef cycle between 350,000 and 270,000 years B.Corals grew rapidly when accommodation space was created by eustatic sea-level rise or fault-block subsidence.As the accommodation decreased, coral rubble and siliciclastic sands prograded over reefal and lagoonal sediments, thus creating a shallowing-upward sequence.The Betic Cordilleras were formed during the Eo-, Meso- and Neo-Alpine evolution of the Western Mediterranean area.During the Neo-Alpine stage the northward subduction of the African plate took place and the Algerian-ProvenÇal Basin opened, with the creation of oceanic floor.Oxygen and carbon isotope values suggest that the dolomite formed in a seawater-dominated mixing zone.

Multiple phases of dissolution, cementation, and dolomitization point to a very complex diagenetic history.

They continue to visit the Wall, and Offred wonders if Luke is imprisoned behind the Wall in the place that used to be a university and now serves as a detention center.

On one of their return trips, Ofglen and Offred stop at a store called Soul Scrolls. Many of the Wives phone in orders for prayers in order to signal their piety.

After the prayers are printed, the paper is recycled and used again.

Suddenly, Ofglen whispers to Offred, asking her whether she believes God actually listens to the machines.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

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