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First Message – Bad First Impressions Most men are making a terrible first impression via text. He then shows the girl that he’s not sure if she will be interested. This guy has done the same thing and is not sure if she is interested. Women are primarily turned on by a mans behavior more then his looks.Some guys first move is a dick pic which just hurts my brain. If he’s not confident that she will like him, then why would she. Second problem here is that he’s in another country. Guys try send a first message with a complement that tells a girl that he thinks very highly of her before she’s done anything.

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But then by the time you try to set up a date on Tuesday, she’s already got 7 other guys in her i Message inbox, 5 dudes from school or work hitting her up on Facebook chat, and 12 more randoms sliding in her Instagram DM’s.

Texting has habituated us to receiving a much quicker response…

When we don’t get the quick response, our mind freaks out.

However for most guys they are missing the mark because they don’t spend their time making a girls profile on a dating site or app and watching a barrage of shit come your way. Women are not interested in starting a conversation with a guy they can’t meet easily. So based on her looks alone she has achieved princess status in that guys mind. This guy does not realise that he’s sending a private message. Some guys believe that they can convince a girl that they have fallen in love with her at first sight. Women think men and women fall in love in person, not by looking at photos. It’s the same mistake as the guy above with some added confusion.

(putting her on a pedestal) He’s not really interested in getting to know her. Communicating that he’s only interested in her for her looks. Women like to be told that they are pretty its true. The “love at first sight” thought process is applied here but with the least amount of effort possible.

Using the word love to trick a woman into believing what you are saying is very transparent.

He then asks her permission to get to know her more. I’m sure this guy is nice guy and we could hang out and have a good time but girls see him as needy.

(We all know how attached we are to our smartphones, so it’s silly to pretend you didn’t see their message.) Plus, we’re all big boys and girls here: No need for those petty, childish games where you wait 10 minutes or maybe an hour to text them back, right?

In recent years behavioral scientists have shed some light on why waiting techniques can be powerful.

And don’t forget the next season of Orange Is The New Black will be out before you know it so good look competing with that. And over the last several years, it has evolved into my #1 method for connecting with girls, getting them out on dates, and ultimately using Snapchat to get laid.

There is so much you can do as a follow up to the above Snapchat.

Let’s take a minute to think about the day-to-day life of a modern hot girl.

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