Dating needy people

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Dating needy people - who is barbra streisand dating

[Read: 17 bad friends you need to unfriend from your life] We’ve all had to put up with one or two really needy people in our lives.If you have someone right now that’s driving you up a wall, these 11 tips will help you deal with them and keep your sanity.

If someone is texting or calling you all day long without giving it a rest, just shoot them a quick text that you’re busy and will get back to them later.Now, it’s partly her fault, but it’s also partly mine.We’re just different people and sometimes you have to realize the world is full of people unlike you.So you should really be happy whenever someone is especially needy with you. Just straight up tell them you can’t handle their “attention” and need some time to yourself. But sometimes people will keep coming back and you might need to cut them loose. Some people just can’t have needy people in their life.It means they admire you enough to seek out your input on just about everything. And while all of these tips can help you deal with them, sometimes you just have to let them go from your life.Decide if this person is worth keeping around and worth all the stress and angst.

If not, just taper off your communication until they’re no longer in your life.

Saying no every once in a while makes them branch out and go to someone else for help—leaving you off the hook. This kind of goes along with saying no more, but it is a topic on its own for a good reason. They’ll just go to you for everything if they think you’re the one who can help them. If you aren’t in the mood or can’t deal with their neediness at the moment, suggest they go to someone else for their problem.

If they know you’re sitting at home, not doing anything with all this free time, they’re going to be needy with you because they can be! By being busy with work, hobbies, and other friends, you’re sending the message you just don’t have time to put up with all that they give you. Let them know you’re sorry, but so and so can probably help them out with whatever they need.

Whether it’s just to talk or if they really need you to do something, it’s still irritating. She always needs me to be communicating with her, and when I don’t reply to her texts or ignore her requests to hang out—due to my busy life, not her—she gets offended and lets me know it.

Usually it just makes me want to roll my eyes, but there are days when I feel like tearing out my own hair due to her incessant need!

Making living with needy people in your life tolerable It’s one thing to have needy friends but it’s a completely different thing to have needy people who aren’t your friends.