Validating xml with xsd net

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Validating xml with xsd net - how to stop genius updating

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The purpose of an XSD schema is to define and describe a class of XML documents by using schema components to constrain and document the meaning, usage and relationships of their constituent parts: datatypes, elements and their content and attributes and their values.

An implementation report for XSD 1.1 was prepared and used in the Director's decision to publish the previous version of this specification as a Proposed Recommendation.

The Director's decision to publish this document as a W3C Recommendation is based on consideration of reviews of the Proposed Recommendation by the public and by the members of the W3C Advisory committee.

The goals of XSD 1.1 are discussed in the document .

The authors of this document are the members of the XML Schema Working Group.

Different parts of this specification have different editors.

This document was produced by a group operating under the 5 February 2004 W3C Patent Policy.Chapter 4 presents Schemas and Namespaces: Access and Composition (§4), including the connection between documents and schemas, the import, inclusion and redefinition of declarations and definitions and the foundations of schema-validity assessment.Chapter 5 discusses Schemas and Schema-validity Assessment (§5), including the overall approach to schema-validity assessment of documents, and responsibilities of schema-aware processors.This document is primarily intended as a language definition reference.As such, although it contains a few examples, it is primarily designed to serve as a motivating introduction to the design and its features, or as a tutorial for new users.The normative appendices include a Schema for Schema Documents (Structures) (normative) (§A) for the XML representation of schemas and Normative (§L.1).