Amp dating

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Amp dating

If currently a Wah effect is active in your Rig your Wah Pedal will work as usual.If there is no active Wah effect, but a pedal pitch effect in your Rig, the Wah Pedal will control the pitch.

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You can configure the two external MIDI devices in the System Settings globally and edit the MIDI commands by Slot under "Edit"/"Slot Settings"/"MIDI Settings".Height: 21.7 cm (8.54 inches) Width: 37.8 cm (14.88 inches) Depth: 17.3 cm (6.81 inches) Height: 13.9 cm (5.47 inches), 3 HE (3 RU) Width: 48.3 cm (19 inches) Depth: 22 cm (8.66 inches) Height: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) Width: 42 cm (16.53 inches) Depth: 18 cm (7.09 inches) 5.32 kg (11.73 pounds) 5.00 kg (11.02 pounds) 6.5 kg (14.33 pounds) 6.18 kg (13.62 pounds) 2.9 kg (6.39 pounds)There are basically three approaches: Either you chose one or two full-range cabinets on stage e. Or you chose a classical guitar cabinet directly connected to Power Head/Power Rack or powered via an external power amplifier (preferably mosfet or digital).In this case you switch off the cabinet simulation for the output driving this guitar cabinet specifically.However, you will always experience the sound of this physical guitar cabinet on stage.If you are using in-ear monitoring you obviously need no cabinet at all and monitor the same sound as the audience.Basic remote control functionality is available for simple applications with expression pedals and/or momentary switches directly connected to the Profiler.

Via MIDI it is possible to load Rigs in Browser and Performance Mode via program changes as well as switching effects on/off and controlling continuous parameters like for example "Delay Mix" via control changes. In addition it is possible to control nearly all internal parameters with the 14-bit MIDI protocol NRPN.In case you are using an expression pedal to control your Wah effects and rarely want to control your volume via pedal, you don’t need a second expression pedal.You can activate the Wah Pedal Booster in the X or Mod Module instead and use the Wah Pedal to boost the signal. You could also link Volume Pedal as well as Pitch Pedal to your Wah Pedal globally in the System Settings.Yes - and even better, you can have it both ways at the same time: Use the stereo XLR Main Outputs to send your signal to the front of house mixing console, and use the dedicated Monitor Output to feed your poweramp and physical guitar speaker cabinet with a signal that bypasses the cabinet simulation.Owners of a Power Head or Power Rack can connect a guitar speaker cabinet to its Speaker Output.Please consult the MIDI Parameter Documentation for details. The polarity can be adapted for each switch in the System Settings.

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