Otaku dating advice

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However, there comes a point when crushing and gooey feelings transform into romance, something that runs much deeper and matures into something beautiful.Sword Art Online’s Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki are one of anime’s most famous examples of a couple that display this and provide themselves as an example of what genuine lovers should look like.

At the last second, however, Asuna rushes towards the middle of them like lightning and protects her husband from the attack, shattering herself into a billion pixels.

Sometimes, learning is more than just understanding a person’s hobbies, but instead their heart.

These can be fears, boundaries, personalities, and other things you can’t see on the outside that are just as important!

For Kirito, he found himself constantly in this scenario where he would be listening to his wife and have no idea what to do.

As a man I see myself in the same place sometimes when my girlfriend is sharing some of the things that she deals with and the struggles that try to bring her down.

There are times when my girlfriend and I will be enjoying each other’s company, learning bit by bit about each other, but there comes a shift where things become much more serious, when we begin to pour our hearts out to another, and that is when I am learning the most!

Kirito and Asuna have these moments sprinkled throughout where one moment they are going through the motions of a normal day and the next they are sobbing in embrace.This kind of love is love put to the test and was proved to be unbreakable.Even at the end, Asuna truly loved Kirito with everything she had and was willing to give up everything she had for him.Often times, learning happens when there is two-way listening, but simply being together will bring about the chance to learn more about the other person.For Kirito and Asuna, a fun night’s evening eating an S-Class meal of Ragout Rabbit stew together, spending a sunny day waking along the boardwalk, and shoving frog legs down your husband’s throat brought conversations where the two got to know each other better and enjoy each other’s company!In case the connection hasn’t been made clear, regular people have problems too and sometimes we need the same listening ear to take some of our burdens and help us through our trials.

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